Boy, does 2013 feel different!  Almost… colder.

Get it?  Cause it’s January.


So thanks for everybody’s enthusiasm about the whole Joyful Heart Foundation thing!!  As I hope I explained adequately, I won’t have my final 2012 iTunes earnings reports until March or so, so I will be making the donation at that time.  But I’m psyched to see how much I’ll be able to give!

If you haven’t bought the song yet, I still encourage you to do so.  But I’m gonna keep your $0.89 or whatever.  For myself.  To buy a mansion with.


In other news, I’m recording so hard right now.  Except for when the guy across the alley is hammering his window frames.  Don’t ask me.  But if you hear banging in the background of my next song… it’s supposed to be there.

Seriously though, I hope everybody is gearing up to have a great year.  I know the New Year is just an arbitrary construction, a side effect of our calendar system, etc. etc…. but it’s a useful psychological tool.  Let’s all be better!  I don’t wanna be the only sucker who’s trying.

OK I’m out.

-Preston.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania