on the third day they called his house
no answer was coming out
they pulled in
sirens spinning loud
and the people were peeking out
through the curtains of every house on down
and calling everyone on the phone
say, did you hear about Jimmy Jones?

how big were the shoes?
what kind of hopeless were you going through?
I’ve been there too
I bet you I’ve been there too
what kind of corner were you in?
what kind of hole did you dig yourself into?
I wish you’d have looked around buddy
we’re down here too.

and his friends they were standing out
in a circle outside his house
they stood there
not making one sound
and the news crews were making rounds
and some lady was blubbering about
how Jimmy used to ride bicycles
up and down the street
how Jimmy used to ride bicycles
hey, is this gonna be on TV?


if it’s sleep you wanted, there’s night for that
if it’s pain you’re killing, there’s beer on tap
and I know they must have told you
how all things must pass