there’s no kiss better than an I’ve-missed-you kiss
the bus stop
she’s waiting at the bottom of the steps
and it’s the tiptoe reach
on a city street
zoom in and rotate around you and me.

we can be invisible here if we wanna be
here in the city that’s the one thing that’s free
we should be strangers
but we’re standing here, hand-holding fools

and it’s love
but you know it’s too early to say it out loud
that privilege restricted to eyes and to hands just for now

not the choir of angels
not the orchestra of pipes beneath my feet
all I need
is on the sidewalk in between.

she gets excited
she smiles
she looks like a little kid
at the most I would say we’re both 15 again
but this time I’ve got my own place
she’s got lingerie
anchors away


there’s no kiss harder than an I’m-gonna-miss-you kiss
I get on the bus and a countdown begins
well making eye contact’s a bitch
through the bus window tint
so I give up
try to trust that I’ll see you again.