I’m thinking that maybe I look in the mirror too much
whatever it’s telling me I’ve probly heard it enough

I’m thinking that maybe I stress out a little too much
I think about something I can’t think about it enough
but enough about me I’ve got nothing to prove
I just wanna spend my time here with you tonight

So clear your mind and take your time
cause all time does is take
but for now I’ve got a big fucking smile on my face
just put your face in my arms, dear
and put your faith in my heartbeat tonight

I’m thinking that maybe I go around smiling too much
like maybe there’s some kind of secret and life really sucks
but if that’s so I’d rather not know
I’d rather just keep the lights burning low


I’m thinking that maybe I sit around thinking too much
I think I just need to believe it’ll work out for us
but enough about us
there’s nothing to say
nothing that words can express anyway